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Security Statement for Student Information
In addition to our high level security policy (Security Statement) Vital Knowledge Software severely restricts access to ANY identifiable Student and Teacher information . Initial setup of the database can be done by either your staff or our team with a list provided to use in a simple spreadsheet template. Once entered into the database, all Identification Data is only kept in an highly encrypted format utilizing the most advanced methods (the same as used by companies such as U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Lucent, PricewaterhouseCooper, Cisco, BP, Merrill Lynch and many others) any copies of documents or lists containing any personal identification sent to our company will be returned or confirmed deleted and/or verfied destroyed. Only trained and monitored staff will be able to access any identifiable data using a decryption key to enable a response to client requests for customer service. Any lists provided to Vital Knowledge to initiate the school's database (if done by us) will be return or verified destroyed and/or erased. We welcome any comments or concerns about this statement, please direct them to Michael Cormier (President - Vital Knowledge Software Inc.) at 303.800.6190 or mike@vitalknowledge.com.